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Scholars Elite believes that it can use basketball to lay the foundation for well-adjusted, competitive, and successful young adults. We are firm believers in the benefits of sports and can think of no better way to instill a strong work ethic, team orientation, discipline, goal setting, and many other positive characteristics.


As a part of the Scholars Elite mission, we use participation to promote academic performance, mental health, and civic engagement. We operate on a need-blind basis so that all youth participants and families have access without regard to financial resources.


Many communities within our state and region deal with poverty, homelessness, under-resourced schools, and single-parent families. We support players and families from many of these communities with assistance to address these issues.


Your contributions will make a real difference to many families and kids who are being uplifted by their common pursuit of excellence. Yes, basketball has and is making a real difference in many aspects of their lives. Scholar Elite is a 501c3 charitable organization.



NJ Scholars Academy needs to expand its capacity to better serve program participants (youth and families) and the underlying local communities. This presents a significant challenge that we intend to meet through fundraising and charitable contributions.


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