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Scholars Elite Basketball Club

A proud member of the Nike EYBL Circuit.

New Jersey Scholars Elite Youth Basketball Academy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that provides a comprehensive and dynamic year-round athletic, academic, enrichment, communal and civic program. Since our inception, NJ Scholars has proudly served hundreds of scholar athletes, their families, and many communities throughout the State of New Jersey.

At New Jersey Scholars Elite Youth Basketball Academy, our mission is to help young adults and their families pursue excellence in all facets of their lives, using competitive basketball as a platform. This pursuit of excellence encompasses academics, citizenship, and sportsmanship.

In 2023, New Jersey Scholars will continue to expand our incredible work within New Jersey’s extensive basketball community by providing the absolute best experience that is available to elite prospects in our great basketball state and serve program participants and underlying local communities in the following areas:

- Academic Resources and Educational Support

- Emotional Health and Wellness Programming & Seminars

- College Preparation, Readiness, and Admissions Support

- Social, Cultural, Community, and Civic Engagement & Events

- Player Development, Mentorship & Guidance

- Creation of Local/Regional Basketball Leagues & Tournaments

Our Management Team of Martin Whitfield, Pervis Ellison, Dajuan Wagner and Fran Nicolas all have rich, distinct, experienced, and dynamic grassroots, collegiate, and professional basketball backgrounds and our goal is to create a performance, enrichment, and unified culture like nowhere else.

We develop, train, and coach next-level players and also focus on maximizing the visibility of rising talent to coaches and future stakeholders.​​

We are looking for POETS

Scholars Elite POETS

Players of Exceptional Talent™

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