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Middle School Program


NJ Scholars Middle School and Under Programs

"Providing early pathways for young players and their communities"

New Jersey Scholars have middle school and younger programs that start in the fourth grade and go through middle school (8th grade). These programs focus on individual skill development, understanding teamwork and instilling fundamental basketball concepts. The overall objective is to support their interest or passion for excellence and promote success traits. Many may develop into talented high school, college or even professional players as many of their predecessors. Others may channel their development into academic or other extracurricular or community achievements.

Our coaches, staff and mentors are focused on creating a winning culture both on and off the court. We supplement on-court training and development with resources that support life successes and growth for the youth participants and potentially the families.

In keeping with our One Jersey philosophy, we have accessible programs in the southern and northern part of New Jersey for convenience. Each age group may have multiple teams based on resources and interest level. However, there are limited spaces and there is an evaluation/selection process for participation. Outside of the selective process, NJ Scholars will hold open activities and community events that benefit the local communities. These events may be centered around camps, clinics and sports related events.

The middle school and under programs provide and engagement platform for community service. These programs include food drives, back to school events, holiday service and other socio-economically beneficial program. See our Community Impact tab.

One of the major objectives of starting early with middle school and younger players is the ability to create a college going or post-secondary mindset for local students, student athletes and their respective communities. We are focused on increasing college awareness, interest and attainment. NJ Scholars believes that we can use the power of sports to have a transformational impact. See College For Many tab.

"Start Unknown, Finish Unforgettable."

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