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2023 High School Tryouts

High School Tryout 
& Registration

NJ Scholars Tryouts at Camden H.S. (2023).png
$25 Graphic.png

HS Tryouts 2023
Saturday, March 11th
Sunday, March 12th

Location: Camden High School


("Subject"), hereby consent to affirm, and, on behalf of subject, agree to be bounds by ·the Injury Waiver and General Release Form attached hereto which has been signed by subject. Parents also represent, warrant and agree that Parents (is) (are) entitled to the care and custody of Subject and (is) (are) Subject's legal guardian(s); that during the minority of Subject and for a reasonable time afterwards, Parents will use all reasonable efforts to prevent Subject from attempting to or actually disaffirming the Injury Waiver and General Release Form signed by Subject; that Parents hereby acknowledge that Parents have read the Injury Waiver and General Release Form and are satisfied that it is fair and equitable for the benefit of Subject: and that Parents will not revoke this consent and approval.

Thank you for registering. Registration Fee can be paid at actual tryout. Signed Waiver Form is required to participate and will be available at the tryout.

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